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Introducing the team that literally, “brings the heat” to your thermoform plastics project every day.

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plastiform-dallas elwyn jones
Elwyn Jones, Founder (retired):

At 85, Elwyn still comes by the plant once a week to make sure we’re doing good work.  Elwyn started his career as an equipment engineer with Dixie Cup and helped develop the very first plastic cup manufacturing line in the U.S.  That involved months of work with Brown Equipment Group, the largest maker of plastic thermoform equipment in the U.S.  Once those four plastic cup lines were installed and running, Brown stole Elwyn to be VP of Research & Market Development.  For ten years he travelled the U.S. for Brown until he decided to open his own thermoforming plant in Dallas, Texas in 1974.  Despite great customers like Mary Kay and Texas Instruments, Elwyn will tell you the first 15 years in business were a nightmare.  Still, he beat the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics odds that 70% of businesses fail by their 10th year.  “I never got an ulcer but I lost all my hair; the last ten years were great!” recounts Elwyn.   Son Jeff, who started up his own thermoform molding company serving short run needs, bought his dad’s company in 1998.  In succeeding years, the company quadrupled in size, now coming up on 50 years in business.  

plastiform-dallas jeff jones
Jeff “Rocky Mountain” Jones, President/Owner:

His dad having founded the company back in 1973, you could say Jeff was born with a plastic spoon in his mouth. Leading a debt-free company, he drives a 20-year old Expedition with 380,000 miles so he’s expert at getting the maximum value out of an asset, or for our customers. His ‘happy place’ is in the mold shop, creating just the right combination to produce an exceptional thermoform package. Or, at his cabin in Colorado.

plastiform-dallas donna lee
Donna Lee, Operations Manager:
aka “The Warden”, this steely lady is known for running a tight ship at our short run & prototypes plant. As a kid growing up in Auburn, NY, Donna worked in her uncle’s plastics vacuum forming factory: no spoon, but definitely plastics in her blood. Came to Texas after high school to visit a friend and never went home. Had to talk Jeff into hiring her (really?) and after 30 years, she brags that she still “loves her job.” When not passionately serving customers, Donna is probably pursuing her other passion of poker. She plays in tournaments nationwide providing a return to her sponsors and her retirement account.
plastiform-dallas john cooley
John Cooley, GM:
“The Good Yankee”, originally from upstate New York, he never got rid of that accent. Starting as a process engineer at Texas Instruments, he’s invested the last 20 years of his career at Plastiform. He’s the “Mr. Mioshi” of thermoform plastics, taking your ideas/specifications and meticulously refining them into championship shape and a price quotation. Specialty: intricate multi-view design drawings by hand with a #2 pencil. Claim to fame: ran in the Boston Marathon.
plastiform-dallas nathan troutman
Nathan Troutman, Design, Project & Quality Manager:

Hailing originally from southern Arizona (glam places like Douglas and Oracle), Nathan was a crackerjack sheet metal fabricator by the age of 8. That, thanks to his dad being a vocational instructor with the Community College district. Add machining, welding, wiring, Solidworks CAD design and other programming skills, and you have our ultimate utility player. He brings a passion for creating efficiencies for our customer experience and manufacturing workflows, while maintaining excellence in all we produce. Got a problem with your packaging? We got Mr. Fixit.

plastiform-dallas billy hardee
Billy Hardee, Senior Packaging Designer:
Have you ever seen a $4,000 pool cue? Me either until I walked into Billy’s office to discuss a project one day. Must be that working out packaging geometry in Solid Works CAD all day plays out as a passion for pool shot geometry at night.
plastiform-dallas rosa santana
plastiform-dallas jenny olascoaga
plastiform-dallas marleny gomez

The Front Office Troika of Rosa Santana, Jenny SOTO, and Marleny Gomez:

Sí, hablamos español muy bien! Plastiform is where the old axiom gets turned around from “behind every good man is a great woman’, to ‘in front of every good man is great women’. These ladies are the first people you’ll see when you walk in the office and often the first person you’ll talk to with a phone call. We celebrate International Women’s Day, every day…. because they are.


To provide you beautiful custom packaging solutions… while cutting down your costs!

plastiform-dallas point of purchase packaging

Our team at Plastiform is trained and skilled in providing each client only top-notch packaging designs, lightning-fast prototyping & tooling, and the right custom thermoformed plastic packaging manufacturing solutions.

We’re based in Irving, Texas and have been helping clients like you get the right custom packaging they need without breaking their budget for 44 years and counting!

Client Testimonials

I found Plastiform when I was in a bind with another vendor. I had been strung along by my original vendor and needed a new vendor as soon as possible. We received our first order on time and the quality of the parts were exactly the same as the samples we had received. I am so thrilled that we found and worked with Plastiform on this project.

Taylor Clark

R.N.C. Industries, Inc

We sincerely appreciate your efficient and gracious customer service and the level of detail and accountability you have demonstrated on the design, prototype, production, and delivery of the falafel trays. We are delighted with the way you conduct business as a whole.

Tova Chansky

Tovavi Falafel

Where do we begin, Plastiform has been above and beyond anything we could have asked for. Donna and the team has been AWESOME during this whole process. Would highly recommend them !!!

Brad & Cheryl Sims

Alumi-Tee, LLC

Working with the Plastiform team has been a pleasure. Given the amount of time and work spent on our startup company, it has been refreshing to see them operate with a high level of communication. We were impressed by how our custom product turned out and how quickly we received samples to approve. We will keep this in mind as we make decisions on any future packaging needs. Thank you Plastiform!



To agility save time and money, my team and I agreed to buy an off the shelf plastic mold form. We then would create a custom insert to secure our new wrist watch products. I didn’t realize how dumb this was until Operations Manager, Donna Lee talked me off the ledge of “Packing Gone Wrong”. With her patience, insight and professional guidance we were back on track after our first phone call.

From thumbnail sketch to finished custom packing we couldn’t be happier! Plastiform not only saved us time and money! Donna created a production template for our brand extensions

Slew Wilkins

(Creative Director)TheSwankyGuy, LLC

Certifications & Awards

Society of Plastics Engineers
plastiform-dallas international organizatoin of packaging professionals

What sets us apart from other
packaging manufacturers:

1. We treat you as our friend

We lasted this long because we build long-lasting relationships with our clients.

We know our clients don’t have the time or the energy to learn the subtle nuances of packaging manufacturing, that’s why we provide them lots of coaching and hand-holding so they could get the best packaging solution at the best price—just like a true friend would!

2. Your project isn’t too big or too small for us

We have dozens of packaging solutions that allow us to be flexible enough to cater to every client’s production needs.

Whether you need high-volume packaging or low-volume packaging, we have the right packaging solution that fits your product’s needs and your budget.

3. We make package designing and prototyping a convenient and budget-friendly process for you

We understand that you don’t want to waste tons of money on the wrong mold. That’s why our engineering team makes it easier for you to decide by providing you 3D-rendered models that are designed to be functional and pleasing to the eye.

We also offer packaging prototyping so you can test out the package’s form, fit and function before making a huge investment in a permanent production tool.

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Need budget-friendly custom packaging
that you can be proud of?

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Plastiform, Inc.
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We know you're looking for top-notch quality that fits your budget. We can send you a sample to verify the quality of our work.

We’ll even send you a free sample!

Plastiform, Inc.
3418 International Place,
Irving, TX 75062

Phone: 866-473-0978
Fax: 972-241-3472



We know you're looking for top-notch quality that fits your budget. We can send you a sample to verify the quality of our work.

We’ll even send you a free sample!