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Sustainable Packaging Using Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic — What Business Owners Should Know

It’s no secret: If you want your company to enjoy sustainable support and loyalty for your products in the coming years, then you’ll need to start embracing sustainable packaging as soon as possible Here’s why: An in-depth global online study conducted by Nielsen, an information, data, and measurement firm based in the US, revealed that … Read more

Can We Still Use Plastic Found in the Ocean?

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Plastic has always been an issue for the environment—especially the ocean. People have been rallying support against plastics, prompting them to buy eco-friendly materials for the products they use as an alternative. For the plastic industry, it’s confusing whether the products really provide a solution or they end up being a problem for everyone to … Read more

Scared of Contaminating Your Medical Products? Here’s What to Look For From Medical Packaging Manufacturers

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Contamination in medical products isn’t just a deal breaker, it can actually destroy a business overnight! That’s why you should be extremely picky when it comes to choosing your medical packaging manufacturer… Or else risk enduring PR nightmare, people suing, and the long-winded legal process that will leave a bad taste in your mouth even … Read more

Customer Perceived Value: Why Customers Buy Products With Better Packaging

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What do consumers think of before making a buying decision? Do they consider price? Credibility? What about packaging? Your product might be the best in the world, but if your packaging sucks, you might see other competitor products outperforming yours. With unique, innovative packaging, you can climb your way to the #1 spot even if … Read more