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Customer Perceived Value: Why Customers Buy Products With Better Packaging

What do consumers think of before making a buying decision?

Do they consider price? Credibility? What about packaging?

Your product might be the best in the world, but if your packaging sucks, you might see other competitor products outperforming yours. With unique, innovative packaging, you can climb your way to the #1 spot even if your product isn’t the best in the market. This article will explain why customers buy products with better packaging and what you can do to get on top of your competition.

5 basic reasons customers buy products with better packaging:

The Design

The design makes the product stand out from its competitors and contributes towards brand image, which is always a plus point. This is especially important for FMCG goods where a loyal customer base already exists.

Product Authenticity

Customers like to buy products that seem original and authentic. They have a fear that if the packaging is generic, then it indicates that product was manufactured cheaply and does not belong to a well-known brand.

The Aesthetic Pleasure

More aesthetically appealing packaging tend to sell more than those with unappealing design.

Packaging as Branding

Consumers are easily able to notice products from practically all brands these days due to massive marketing campaigns. If you want to build customer loyalty and make them opt for your product. You need to make your product stand out among the rest.

Customer Experience

When people buy products with superior packaging, they tend to expect high quality performance from it. The way the product is packaged give them an idea on how they should expect it to behave.

For example, when customers buy chocolate products with colorful and intricate packaging, they automatically assume that this product taste great than the ones sold in simple paper boxes without design.